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What We Do and How We Do it

Used Motorcycles

Welcome to iBike Pro, your go-to destination for quality used motorcycles. With over 50 years of mechanic experience, we take pride in making sure that our bikes are well-maintained and ready to hit the road. We also take trades and consignments, so let us help you find the perfect ride!

Maintenance and Repairs

At our motorcycle repair shop, we take pride in our maintenance services. We service many makes and models, and our experienced mechanics keep used motorcycles serviced in our indoor facility. You can always rely on our team to provide thorough, quality maintenance services to keep your bike running smoothly and ready for your next adventure.

Go Kart Fun!

Experience the thrill of driving with iBike Pro, Central Georgia and Atlanta's authorized Hammerhead go-kart dealer. Our go-karts are safe, reliable, and the perfect way to have fun. Don't settle for an ordinary ride - visit us today and experience the excitement!

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