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2019 Kawasaki W 800 Cafe

2019 Kawasaki W 800 Cafe

*PRICE:   $ 


  • Miles: 1112

  • Twin Cylinder

  • Ready to ride and priced to sell!

  • The perfect cafe racer

The Kawasaki W800 Cafe takes a page from the history books and doesn’t try to alter its future, rather take what’s been learned and improves upon its legacy. With over 50 years of motorcycling improvements, the W800 Cafe shines as a true tribute and a really fantastic example of what a retro-mod bike should be. You can tear through back country roads, roll to your next bikes & breakfast, or hit the interstate on a Monday morning and start the week off right. It’ll never leave you wanting for anything but another go.

* Our bikes are often low-mileage, are ready-to-ride, and are thoroughly inspected.  Come see the bike and we can discuss the price!

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