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2010 Honda Elite 110

2010 Honda Elite 110

*PRICE:   $ 


  • Miles: 231

  • Excellent condition

  • Great scooter for around the city/small town.

  • Averages 80 to 100 miles per gallon of fuel.

It won't ever leave bits of rubber at the traffic light, but it can out-hustle normal four-wheeled vehicular traffic to typical street speeds. But the real advantage of a small vehicle like the Elite is its scale. It's capable of squeezing through traffic many other bikes cannot. Slinking to the front of the pack of traffic waiting at a stop signal is the easy part, and pulling away is as simple as twisting the throttle to full lock while keeping an eye on your mirrors – the Elite 110 won't win every battle with the cagers. Momentum is your friend here. Parking is also a breeze with its tidy 50.2-inch wheelbase and 254-lb fully fueled wet weight which makes popping it up on the centerstand effortless.

* Our bikes are often low-mileage, are ready-to-ride, and are thoroughly inspected.  Come see the bike and we can discuss the price!

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