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2004 Vespa ET4 150

2004 Vespa ET4 150

*PRICE:   $ 


  • Miles: 3794

  • Condition: Great

  • Very good on gas

  • Gasoline only, not mix.

Unequivocally, this new generation of Vespa scooters set the bar high for features in a scooter. The ET scooters included a neat microchip key to deter thieves, real chrome accents and a front disc brake. It is great to see the quality that Vespa puts into their scooters. Unlike a lot of scooter companies, Vespa isn’t concerned with bringing their scooters to market as low cost as possible.

One strong point of the ET scooters is their enclosed storage space. These scooters have both a generous glovebox and a large storage space under the seat that can hold a full face helmet. By using these two areas and the grocery bag hook on the front of the seat, you can really haul a lot of stuff. This bike is a complete Italian icon. Great for getting around town, school, grocery shopping, etc.

* Our bikes are often low-mileage, are ready-to-ride, and are thoroughly inspected.  Come see the bike and we can discuss the price!

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